AMIS Master Tracks

The AMIS Master includes three semesters of courses followed by a fourth research semester (Master thesis).

Student mobility is a compulsory and integrated part of the program and students are required to spend Year 1 (autumn and spring semesters) and Year 2 (autumn semester only) in two institutes from different countries. Students can choose among the following fixed tracks:
–   Year 1 at Grenoble INP and Year 2 at Aalto University/or TU Darmstadt/or University of Liège
–   Year 1 at Aalto University and Year 2 at Grenoble INP/or TU Darmstadt/or University of Bordeaux/or University of Liège
–   Year 1 at TU Darmstadt  and Year 2 at Grenoble INP/or Aalto University/or University of Bordeaux/or University of Liège

Year 1 courses focus on materials science, innovation, business and entrepreneurship. 
Year 2 includes one semester of courses in the specialization areas offered by the exit universities:

  • Grenoble INP: Materials interfaces: Surfaces, Films and Coatings
  • Aalto University: Nanomaterials and interfaces: Advanced Characterization and Modelling
  • TU Darmstadt: Functional Ceramics: Processing, Characterization and Properties
  • University of Liège: Nanomaterials and Modelling
  • University of Bordeaux: Advanced Hybrid Materials, Composites and Ceramics by Design

Mobility Chart :

Mobility chart