Objectives & learning outcomes

Year 1

During the first year, students will build a body of skills and knowledge that puts them on fast track to becoming specialists in materials science and entrepreneurship.

They will receive a state-of-the art knowledge in functional and applied materials science (e.g. their elaboration, phase transformation, structure, microstructure and properties) together with fundamental principles and concepts of businesses and entrepreneurship strategy.

They will apply this knowledge in hands-on exercises and group work.

Through tailored methodology, students will get introduced into project management, group dynamics, entrepreneurship and oral communications, in a setting that mimics a professional environment. Such integrated training of soft and hard skills is needed for the rest of the Master’s studies.

Year 2

Building on the foundations laid during the first year, M2 students will learn advanced topics in areas of their choice and continue to improve their research and hands-on skills.

They will have in-depth understanding of some specialist topics in nanophysics, nanomaterials and functional materials.