Curriculum & degrees awarded


The AMIS Master Program includes courses in innovation, business and entrepreneurship in addition to courses in relevant disciplinary fields in Advanced Materials.
The detailed curriculum description is available here:

AMIS Detailed curriculum and courses description.

Aalto university detailed curriculum 2018-2020, courses.

Courses and modules include:

Year 1

    • I & ENT

Local innovation and entrepreneurship courses integrated courses with relevant substance courses.


The internship in a company or research organization prepares students to plan and prepare for their professional career in the commercialization, R&D, Innovation, or New Business Development functions of companies. Inno-Mission internships will develop the ability of students to work on developing a solution-focused approach in translating the innovations into feasible business solutions. Also it will develop their knowledge and expertise in methods and processes employed in leading companies in the raw materials sector in commercializing new technologies and developing new business solutions or activities.


The summer camp supports the development of entrepreneurial skills and competences, creativity, production of new ideas and innovation skills. The objective is to support the ability of students to use knowledge, ideas and technology to create new or significantly improved products, services, processes, policies, new business models or jobs. One week intensive course is strongly built on team-work.

Year 2

  • I & ENT

Local business, innovation and entrepreneurship courses offered locally at each consortium partner university


For the last semester of the second year, the most research oriented component of the program, students will be given the opportunity to harness his newly-acquired skills and competencies into the realization of an original research work. Moreover, independent thesis writing will naturally increase the students’ scientific skills as well as their capacity to think critically. The thesis will be jointly supervised by a professor from each university.

Year 1 & 2

  • I & ENT courses and study modules

Each student will acquire a minimum of 30 ECTS in Innovation & Entrepreneurship education (I&ENT), either as specialized courses or integrated with substance engineering courses.

  • INNO-PROJECT I & II: Joint collaboration project

INNO-projects will reinforce EIT Overarching Learning Outcomes such as leadership competences, entrepreneurship skills, creativity, innovation and research skills, development of business models from the commercialization process of new technologies. In the framework of the Inno-Project, students will also benefit from improved communication and organizational skills which will reinforce their chances of success as professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs. The understanding of legal requirements in patenting intellectual property will also be one of the objectives.

Degrees awarded

Upon completion of the program successfully, the students will receive an official, recognized degree from each of the two universities in which they spent a part of their study (double degree) and a Diploma Supplement.

Grenoble INP: Master Science et Génie des Matériaux
Aalto University: Master of Science (Technology)
TU Darmstadt: Master of Science in Materials or Master of Science in Physics or Chemistry
University of Bordeaux: Master Sciences et Technologies, mention CHIMIE, spécialité Synthèse et Propriétés des Matériaux Inorganiques – FAME Hybrids and Ceramics
University of Liège: Master en sciences physiques or Master en sciences chimiques