Career Opportunities

The program will prepare you to explore the angles for technological, social changes and where the niches for new business ideas are in the market. Contacts with industries and research institutes will prepare you to develop your own activities and develop your own business, join the industry or start a PhD focused on EIT Raw Materials challenges.

The developed skills and knowledge you will gain will be highly appreciated by industries in the Materials Science domain or by Laboratories, especially in the following sectors: Microelectronics, Optics, Bio-technologies, Energy, Communication, Environment, etc.

Possible career paths

Academic career/research: at universities, research institutions, teaching students or managerial position. Scientist with high commercialization awareness, knowledge, and competences; someone who can communicate effectively the commercial value of their scientific research.

Resource industry: SMEs in chemistry, exploration, green energy, machinery and plant construction, metal working industry, ceramics, environmental economy (R&D, product development, management, production, marketing and sales). Expert or manager whose actions and decisions influence the innovation output, value creation, and performance of the company.

Freelancer and entrepreneur: create your own business or become a consultant.

Wider society: science journalism, consulting, project development and management, advisor to policy makers, administration, specialist agencies, media etc.