EIT grants and allowances

AVSA grants and TSA allowances

Students enrolled in the AMIS Programme will be entitled to the following EIT grants and allowances:

Added value student activities grant (AVSA grant): this grant of 9000€ (4500€ per year) is additionally awarded to all students enrolled in an EIT RawMaterials EIT-labelled programme. It covers travel, subsistence and living costs for students to participate in the following activities:
– industry placements and other internships,
– exchanges with other universities,
– attending conferences or workshops,
– and/or similar activities additional to the regular programme contents directed at promoting the learning, knowledge, skills, professional flexibility and pursuit of careers of students during and after having passed the EIT RawMaterials-funded programme.

Please note that the AVSA grant doesn’t not cover programme and administration fees. The grant is directly paid to the students, no separate application is needed.

A Travel and Subsistence Allowance (TSA): an allowance of 4500€ (2250€ per year) will be available to cover travel and subsistence costs for mandatory components of the programme (summer schools, exchanges, internships etc.).

Please note that this allowance is not directly paid to the students.

Eligibility criteria for AVSA grants

Please be aware that European double funding is strictly prohibited. Therefore, students who already receive an EU-funded scholarship (i.e. Erasmus Mundus or other) are not entittled to the AVSA grant.

If students benefit from national grants (non EU-funded) that are lower than the AVSA grant of 9000€ and the national grants permit additional scholarships, they can be awarded a ‘top up AVSA grant’ to increase the total amount of the scholarship, providing the total scholarship does not then exceed 9000€ for the entire study programme. Students whose national scholarship already exceeds 9000€ are not eligible to receive the ‘top up AVSA grant’.