The Industry Liaison Program

Industry is strongly linked to the AMIS Master Program, contributing to a complete coverage of all areas of the knowledge triangle and integrating the whole value chain of raw material.

Industry and research partners are invited to contribute at different levels to the Master Program:

  • As members of the Steering board, partners from EIT KIC Raw Materials (Platinum)
  • As associate members issued from the EIT RawMaterials consortium (Gold)
  • As associate members external to the EIT RawMaterials consortium (Silver)

Definition of Associate member: “Any organization that can contribute to the promotion, implementation, monitoring, evaluation activities and/or sustainable development of the consortium, can be considered as associate member. This applies more specially to socio-economic partners (i.e. commercial enterprises, public authorities or organizations, non-profit or charitable organizations or in certain cases to third-country (non-EU) higher education institutions.”

These organizations are expected to contribute to strategies developed by the AMIS Master Program in particular regarding the course sustainability (supporting the consortium in the implementation, organization and promotion of the course, providing additional revenues/resources such as additional scholarships for future students, etc.) and the students employability (ensuring that the academic content of the courses meets the relevant professional needs, contributing to transfer of knowledge and skills, offering complementary skills courses or placement possibilities, etc.).

Depending on their involvment in the development of the AMIS Master Program the associate members can contribute at different levels into the program and can have access to different services offered.

AMIS Industry liaison programme