EIT Label

EIT RawMaterials

The AMIS programme received the EIT Label, a quality seal awarded to top Master and PhD programmes which excel in shaping a new generation of students into game changers and innovators. Students of EIT Label programmes learn how to combine their specialist knowledge with key innovation and entrepreneurship skills to develop solutions to pressing societal challenges. At EIT RawMaterials, eligible EIT Label students also receive grants totaling EUR 9.000 and additional support for travel.

EIT-labelled education programs foster students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurs. There are specific quality criteria for EIT-labelled programs:

  • Robust entrepreneurship education
  • Highly integrated, innovative learning-by-doing curricula
  • International and cross-organizational mobility, the European Dimension and openness to the world
  • Access policy and joint outreach strategy

EIT-labelled Master programs apply an open concept to innovation and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship is integrated into the curriculum and the program facilitates the acquisition of transferable skills in particular entrepreneurial, personal and business skills to enhance the employability of graduates.

The program engages students in entrepreneurship activities and exposes them to the professional life in industry and businesses. The industry and business partners will be actively engaged in the development of curricula and teaching activities.

The international and cross-organizational mobility is compulsory and integrated part of the program. The use of ECTS and DS are used to facilitate recognition of studies in addition to alignment with the latest developments on European quality assurance in European Higher Education Area and Bologna Process. A student graduating/being admitted can be awarded an EIT Label certificate. The programs will be recruiting students worldwide.

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