Summer school


The summer school is an integrated part of AMIS-master program curriculum (3 ECTS). It is compulsory for all AMIS-students and it is organised between the first and second year of the master program. It has a strong Innovation & Entrepreneurship component.


The objective of AMIS Summer School is to teach advanced topics related to AMIS- curriculum as well as to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial awareness among students. The relevance of the program for industry needs is ensured by inviting industry core and associated partners’ representatives to participate actively to our summer school.


The Summer School program includes lectures, presentations, group work and hands – on activities and company visits. It is built around students working on commercialization of technologies and products in Europe. The technologies or products that the students work on are provided by case companies operating in some of the industries covered by the Raw materials KIC.

2018 Edition

The Summer Camp will take place at the university of Aalto, Finland between the 23rd and 27th July.

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