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Master the full raw materials value chain

AMIS Master Tracks

The AMIS Master includes three semesters of courses followed by a fourth research semester (Master thesis).

Student mobility is a compulsory and integrated part of the programme and students are required to spend Year 1 (autumn and spring semesters) and Year 2 (autumn semester only) in two institutes from different countries. Students can choose among the following fixed tracks:

  • Year 1 at Grenoble INP and Year 2 at Aalto University/or TU Darmstadt/or University of Liège/or Riga Technical University
  • Year 1 at Aalto University and Year 2 at Grenoble INP/or TU Darmstadt/or University of Bordeaux/or University of Liège/or Riga Technical University
  • Year 1 at TU Darmstadt and Year 2 at Grenoble INP/or Aalto University/or University of Bordeaux/or University of Liège/or Riga Technical University
Year 1

Courses focus on materials science, innovation, business and entrepreneurship.

Year 2

Includes one semester of courses in the specialisation areas offered by the exit universities:

  • Grenoble INP: Materials interfaces: Surfaces, Films and Coatings
  • Aalto University: Nanomaterials and interfaces: Advanced Characterisation and Modelling
  • TU Darmstadt: Functional Ceramics: Processing, Characterisation and Properties
  • University of Liège: Nanomaterials and Modelling
  • University of Bordeaux: Advanced Hybrid Materials, Composites and Ceramics by Design
  • Riga Technical University : Master Degree of Engineering Science in Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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Discover Europe through our Partner University network

The AMIS Master programme aims to train tomorrow’s industrial engineers in collaborative work in a global world and gather some of the best educational programmes in the field of sustainable materials engineering in Europe.

They stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership and focus on circular (eco)design, materials substitution, life cycle engineering and circular economy design, materials processing and recycling, manufacturing, and innovation. They involve studies in two different institutions, an internship in a company and a Master thesis in collaboration with a company.

Partner University Network

Explore university life at the various partner locations available on the AMIS programme.

Be a change agent

AMIS, the Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability, is a programme of excellence that covers the whole value chain of raw materials by combining scientific knowledge with entrepreneurship, innovation and modern teaching methods – in line with the standards and values of EIT RawMaterials.

30 ECTS of modules are dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation and industry-linked activities through projects such as the Inno project, Live classroom, Summer and Winter camps.

The AMIS programme received the EIT Label in 2016, a quality seal awarded to top Master and PhD programmes that excel in shaping a new generation of students into game changers and innovators.

AMIS tackles the following themes – all of which are central to the goals of EIT RawMaterials:

  • ‘Substitution of critical or toxic materials in products and for optimised performance’
  • ‘Material chain optimisation for end-of-life products’
  • ‘Product and services design for the circular economy’

The primary focus of the adaptation is on metal and mineral raw materials. Bio-base and polymer materials are covered in view of their substitution potential and other materials in the context of multi-material product recycling. In addition, the AMIS Programme includes a solid package of courses and project work in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students’ mobility is an integrated part of the two-year programme, during which they will study at two of the consortium partner universities. Upon completion of the programme, students will receive a double degree.

The language of instruction is English.

The AMIS Master Programme will enable young professionals to become change agents with an entrepreneurial mindset, able to safeguard the sustainability of raw materials throughout the industrial and research landscape.

Further information: Programme flyer, Programme brochure, Label brochure

There will be one application wave. The possibility of a second wave will depend on the number of available admissions and the ability to host more students in 2024/2026.

First Wave: from 2nd of November 2023 to the 26th of February 2024

Possibility of a second application wave : to be confirmed.

The selection of the students will be processed in March 2024  and the students will informed about their status starting March 22nd, 2024 with a a 3-day response window.  The start of the academic years is between the end of August 2024 and October 2024 depending which university you will be enrolled at. The number of study places available is limited and the application process is highly competitive. 

Who can apply?

The AMIS Programme welcomes applications from talented students from all over the world, both European and non-European.

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Apply for the AMIS Programme

All applicants must submit an online application via the Grenoble application system.